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Today’s Online Psychological services and online psychologist consultation, assessment are no longer confined by the four walls of your therapist’s office – you can now have online counselling and therapy consultations. You can connect with certified and the best psychologists, mental health therapists, psychiatrists and counsellors online.

Let us talk about our best options for online counselling and therapy.
Minderapy provides the best online counseling and therapy consultation with the best psychologist, therapist and counselor online. The website provides the most quality and affordable therapy services.

Many of us consider free online counselling and therapy as an option but let us ask ourselves, what is the worth of our mental health ?

Free Online Therapy and Counseling Consultation

What is online therapy and counseling process ? How online therapy works ?

Online Therapy and Counseling or E-Counselling or Tele-therapy or Tele-Counseling makes mental health services easily accessible to everyone. It is the best and most convenient way to easily communicate with the best psychologist and therapist via a variety of online mediums including video, text, chat, and phone – this is just as effective as face-to-face counseling. People can use online mental health services to get help with individual issues like

  • Depression
  • Anxiety,
  • Fear & Phobias,
  • Negative Thinking,
  • Past traumatic memories,
  • obsessions and compulsion,
  • marriage and family issues, and intimate relationship issues.
  • eating and sleeping issues
  • spiritual growth
  • existential crisis

Visiting an online psychologist or therapist is now more convenient than a traditional office visit and is also a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. When you enter your confidential online therapy counseling session you’re digitally connected with a licensed and certified mental health provider. We at Minderapy provides the best online counseling and therapy at the most affordable prices.
Minderapy platform connects you with the trained and highly experienced psychologist and counselor. It’s easy to find support from trained experts online that specialize in counseling online. Talking to a Psychologist Online is as comfortable and confidential as any other means. Your mental health is extremely important and we must give it the utmost priority.

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