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is the best online therapy & counseling platform. Consult with the top psychologist, counselor, mental health therapist now. Call/Audio Call/Video Call now. Most Affordable and confidential therapy services. It is time to free your mind from negativity and emotional issues. You deserve the inner peace and happiness. Grow in your life. Release the negative, realize the importance of your goals, manifest the life of your dream.

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Best Online Platform for Mental Health Therapy & Counseling

Consult the best online psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist, mental health therapist for your mental & emotional support. 

Top online therapy, counselling and guidance for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship issues, marriage counseling, family therapy, stress and other emotional issues. Feel free to consult the top psychologist in India. 

Minderapy provides the best mental health services online. Free Your mind and remove all the negativity. You deserve peace and happiness.

Top Online Therapy & Counseling Consultation

Best Online Psychologist and Counsellor in India

Online counselling is the fastest way in which people who need online counseling can reach out at their convenience. Free Your Mind from negativity and feel free to consult the best expert.

Consult Top & Best Psychologist, Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist now. Experience the best therapy & Counselling session online. Chat/Phone Call/ Video Call for your emotional & mental health issues.

With Online therapy, people can greatly succeed from issues such as sadness, worrying, stress, depression, phobias, marital problems, self-esteem problems and many more issues. Also, therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals and families.

We give you the right psychologist for your mental and emotional health.

Best Online Therapy and Counseling platform India – Minderapy

Minderapy provides the best online therapy and counselling in India for depression, anxiety, relationship or marriage issues, stress, panic/phobias, other emotional issues.  You can consult the best psychologist, counsellor, mental health therapist in India. 

Your Mental Health Therapy is our priority and you deserve the peace that you are seeking. We help you in the overall growth of your mental and emotional domain.

Best Psychological Therapy Help online for you. Take therapy today and heal your mind.


Minderapy is amongst the biggest mental health platform in India. Consult Top & Best Psychologist, Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist now. Experience the best therapy & Counselling session online. Chat/Phone Call/ Video Call for your emotional & mental health issues. Online counselling and therapy in India is a necessity in present times and important services include individual therapy sessions,  suicide prevention and call back service, lifeline, and kid’s helplines must be made available to the people. Parenting and family therapy is also provided here. Book Your Therapy Session Now.



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Best Online Therapy & Counselling Platform.

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Best Online Therapy & Counseling India

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#1 Online Psychologist

Consult the best online psychologist now. Get the. Take the best therapy & Counselling services for your mental and emotional health in India. Certified & Licensed  Psychologist for you.

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Best Psychotherapist Online

Consult the best psychotherapist online now. Top Psychotherapy & mental health consultation in India. Minderapy provides the best psychotherapist and psychotherapy services in India. Consult verified psychotherapist now.
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Best Psychiatrist Online

Consult the best psychiatrist online. Minderapy provides the best psychiatric consultation. Top Psychiatrist in India. Psychiatric helpline for your mental and emotional health.

Please note: This will start soon. Presently psychiatrists are not available on our platform. It will be announced soon.

Best Online Mental Health Therapist & Counselor

Consult the best psychologist, therapist, counsellor, mental health expert for your mental and emotional health. We provide certified and experienced expert for you. 

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