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Best Online Therapy & Counseling India

Consult Top Psychologist, Counselor, & Mental Health Therapist Online

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Consult the best online psychologist now. Take the best therapy & Counselling services for your mental and emotional health in India. Certified & Licensed  Psychologist for you.

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Best Psychotherapist Online

Consult the best psychotherapist online now. Top Psychotherapy & mental health consultation in India. Minderapy provides the best psychotherapist and psychotherapy services in India. Consult verified psychotherapist now.
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Best Psychiatrist Online

Consult the best psychiatrist online. Minderapy provides the best psychiatric consultation. Top Psychiatrist in India. Psychiatric helpline for your mental and emotional health.

Please note: This will start soon. Presently psychiatrists are not available on our platform. It will be announced soon.

Best Online Mental Health Therapist & Counselor

Consult the best psychologist, therapist, counsellor, mental health expert for your mental and emotional health. We provide certified and experienced expert for you. 

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Best Online therapy & Counseling India

Top Therapy Services

Depression Therapy

Anxiety Therapy

Fear and Phobias

Relationship/Marriage Counseling

Self Image & Confidence issues

Obsession & Compulsion ( OCD )

Emotional Issues

Anger Issues

Motivation & Goal Settings

Personal Growth

Personality Enhancement

Parenting & Family Therapy

Impulsivity & Attention Issues

Childhood Trauma/Bullying

Sleep & Eating Disorder

Wrong Habits & Addiction

Career Management

Sexual Wellnes

Past Memories

Existential Issues

Top Online Therapy & Counseling Consultation

Best Online Psychologist and Counsellor in India

Online counselling is the fastest way in which people who need online counseling can reach out at their convenience. Free Your Mind from negativity and feel free to consult the best expert.

Consult Top & Best Psychologist, Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist now. Experience the best therapy & Counselling session online. Chat/Phone Call/ Video Call for your emotional & mental health issues.

With Online therapy, people can greatly succeed from issues such as sadness, worrying, stress, depression, phobias, marital problems, self-esteem problems and many more issues. Also, therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals and families.

We give you the right psychologist for your mental and emotional health.


We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Connect with the Best Psychologists & Mental Health Experts Via Chat, Audio/Video Call.


Deeper Understanding

Get Insights about your emotional & Mental Issues



Best Therapist

We assure the best quality and assign the specialized psychologist as per your need & situation.

Online Mode

We Provide online therapy via Chat, Audio Phone & Video Call . Apps to connect with the therapist for your sessions  – Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom etc.

Healing the Root

Focus on the deeper understanding and healing of the root causes. We provide Insight & Solution-oriented therapies.

24/7 Support

Schedule your session as per your convenient time and day. Different Time Zone Management Available

Free Your Mind – MinderapyTherapy

Best Online Platform for Mental Health Therapy & Counseling

Consult the best online psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist, mental health therapist for your mental & emotional support. 

Top online therapy, counselling and guidance for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship issues, marriage counseling, family therapy, stress and other emotional issues. Feel free to consult the top psychologist in India. 

Minderapy provides the best mental health services online. Free Your mind and remove all the negativity. You deserve peace and happiness.

Best Online Therapy & Counseling India - How it Works

1. Choose the Package

Take the best therapy & counselling package for yourself or for someone who wants the therapy. 
Chat/Phone Call/Video Call Available ( via Apps like Whatsapp.Skype, Zoom,Botim etc.)

2.  Get Acknowledgement

While you are doing the payment, you will be asked about your issues in brief. Based upon that information, we will assign the best psychologist & Mental health therapist for your case. You shall get an acknowledgement within 24 - 48 hours of your booking.

3. Start the therapy and the Healing Process

Once you get an acknowledgement, you can mutually fix the session with your therapist. Start your therapy with easy steps.

Best Online Therapy and Counseling platform India – Minderapy

Minderapy provides the best online therapy and counselling in India for depression, anxiety, relationship or marriage issues, stress, panic/phobias, other emotional issues.  You can consult the best psychologist, counsellor, mental health therapist in India. 

Your Mental Health Therapy is our priority and you deserve the peace that you are seeking. We help you in the overall growth of your mental and emotional domain.

Best Psychological Therapy Help online for you. Take therapy today and heal your mind.


Minderapy is amongst the biggest mental health platform in India. Consult Top & Best Psychologist, Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist now. Experience the best therapy & Counselling session online. Chat/Phone Call/ Video Call for your emotional & mental health issues. Online counselling and therapy in India is a necessity in present times and important services include individual therapy sessions,  suicide prevention and call back service, lifeline, and kid’s helplines must be made available to the people. Parenting and family therapy is also provided here. Book Your Therapy Session Now.




Our Mission

To provide the best and most affordable online mental health therapy and counselling for everyone. You will be consulting Top Psychologists, counsellors and mental health experts for your mental and emotional health. Affordable & Mental Health services for all. 


Our Vision

To provide the biggest mental health support platform to the world. Therapy for Billions and  Connecting the Certified Psychologist from all over the globe and connecting them with the ones who are in need of any mental health support at any given point. Convenient and affordable mental health therapy and counseling

Who are We ?

Minderapy is a Online Therapy and Counseling website which provides the best Psychologists, Counselors, Mental Health Therapists. Consult with top professionals who provide quality and affordable online counseling and therapy services to the people who are in mental and emotional distress. You can talk to the therapist online through chat, phone call and video call. Minderapy is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Services are Confidential & Private. Free your mind and feel free to consult top psychologist & Counsellor in India.

What is Online Counseling & Therapy ?

Online counselling/counseling and therapy is just like face-to-face counseling and therapy sessions.
During online therapy, professional counselling and psychological services are offered through different online modes. ( Chat, Phone Call, Video Call )

Online counselling and therapy in India are quite important in present times and services include individual therapy sessions,  suicide prevention and call back service, lifeline, and kid’s helplines must be made available to the people. Child Psychologist &  Teen Therapy is also available. Marriage Counselling & Relationship therapy services are quite common in present times.

Minderapy provides the top online psychologist & Counsellor for your online counselling journey. Minderapy’s motto is Free Your Mind. Feel free to consult the best psychologist & therapist in India.

It is convenient, Affordable and Private. Confidentiality is highly maintained.

How to Connect with the therapist & Start my Journey ?

You can connect with the best psychologist and counselor online and start your healing journey by
1. Choosing the Package as per your need. Start with 4-7 Sessions. Audio/Video Sessions are recommended by experts.

2. Once you choose the package and do the payment, fill the required client form which will be forwarded to your therapist.

3. We will assign you the therapist as per your chosen package. You shall be contacted on your Whatsapp Contact no. via text from the therapist. You can mutually fix the session as per the availability.

Is online counselling & therapy effective?

Online Counseling & therapy is the most effective and comfortable way to help you overcome your emotional and mental issues. It helps you connect with your therapist based on your convenience, comfort and need. Many types of research have highlighted that online counselling & therapy is as effective and successful in dealing with mental health problems as face-to-face therapy.
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Who needs Online Counselling and therapy?

In present times, Online Therapy and counseling are for all. We must understand that counseling/therapy is significant to resolve our negative aspects and also to promote positivity. Therapy and counselling are for everyone who is seeking to make their life better than now. For those who are wanting to experience more control of their life.

It is for the normal person who experiences daily stress and need modalities to deal with those things. It is for the one who is experiencing any sort of mental and emotional stress.
Consult with the psychologist, counsellor online and start your online counseling journey.

Free your mind and Feel free to consult online psychologist & Counsellor now.

Is there any Validity of the Chosen Packages ?

Yes. Every Session (45 mins) has the Validity of 10 days. Validity means you must take your session in the given time period of Validity.
1 Session – 10 days Validity
4 Sessions – 40 days Validity
7 Sessions – 70 days Validity

Failing to avail sessions within the Validity period automatically cancels your subscription and you can’t claim your minutes afterward. You need to re-opt for the sessions. Also, you must always request your therapist to fix your sessions. The therapist won’t be responsible for the expiration of your package due to expired validity. In case the therapist is not responding to you, you must share the same to our support team care@minderapy.com 
No complaints will be heard after the expiration of your package.

Your Validity starts with the moment your therapist is assigned to you and you receive the confirmation text from your therapist

Choosing my therapist & Continuation with the Same Therapist ?

We Choose the best therapist & expert as per your needs and requirements. You don’t have to worry about the same. Rest Assured about the quality of the services and the therapist.

The same therapist will be assigned to you every time you wish to continue ahead with minderapy. In case you wish to have a new therapist or counselor, We will look into your request and may consider your request for the same.
Some Clients are comfortable with a particular male or female therapist. We will do our best to assign you the therapist as per request. However, in many scenarios, we can’t make this happen due to availability. We request you to be comfortable in whatever gender of the therapist is as everyone is trained to be non-judgemental towards the clients. You can trust and open yourself freely with any therapist. Everyone is equally experienced to make you feel comfortable.

What are the Qualifications of the Psychologists & Counselors ?

Everyone has a minimum Masters in Psychology Degree.
All the experts go through necessary training & mentoring. Everyone is quite efficient and expert in the field of counselling and therapy. 

I want to have the particular therapy for my problems ?

All the Psychologists are trained in multidisciplinary therapy approaches. We provide an eclectic approach. You will get 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Mindfulness-based Therapies
Positive Psychology based therapies, humanistic approaches.
✔Cross-Cultural Psychology Approaches

Client Testimonials

” I wanted to seek help for my depression and anxiety Issues. I explored many platforms but Minderapy provides the most affordable online therapy & Counselling. I was connected to the best therapist who helped me understand my deeper issues and helped me to improve myself in every way. I am thankful for the platform and my therapist.”

Maria Williams

Company Secretary

” I was not sure about online therapy & Counselling but I was very satisfied after taking sessions from my therapist. He was very kind and listened to me nicely. He was able to help me to heal my relationship issues. I am in a better space now and getting better with my therapy sessions. I would recommend Minderapy to everyone for Online therapy”

Sakshi Sharma

Project Manager

“One of the most affordable counseling services. I was happy to get the quality therapist who helped me to mindfully heal my past limitations. I have a better relationship with my father now and my social anxiety has come down. I am practicing mindfulness tools and reading good books to heal myself.”

Krishna Kumar

IAS Aspirant

Best Online Therapy & Counseling Helpline


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