6 Reasons Why Self Love Is Awesome

By Kritika Joshi, Freelance Contributor
“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”
– Mark Twain

In today’s busy world we all are either busy working on our goals or comparing ourselves to the unrealistic beauty and body standards that the media showcase. This comparison causes low self esteem and under confidence in us. It also plays a major role in our well being and our relationships with others. We all must have heard that famous saying before loving others we should first learn to love ourselves.
Here are 6 reasons why self love is very important.

1. Loving yourself increases self confidence.

If you love yourself and have pride upon yourself, automatically it boosts your confidence level. They know who they are and what they deserve. People who love themselves are more likely to get a better job, promotion and more friends and admirers.

2. Self love attracts love.

As Like attracts like similarly love attracts love. The Law of Attraction helps with that. But in addition to that, loving yourself radiates out from you and makes you more attractive, to everyone, whether at work or play.

3. When you love yourself you look better.

If you love love yourself are proud about yourself and feel confident about yourself you look the best version of yourself. You can concentrate on your strong points instead of bothering about your weaknesses and imperfections. Everybody has imperfections but most people don’t care about them.

4. Motivates you to take better care of yourself.

The more you love yourself more you take care of yourself. Be it your physical or mental health it all depends on how much you love yourself and want to maintain yourself. Loving yourself makes you want to take good care of the one body you have. Doing whatever you can to improve and maintain your health says, “I love me!”

5. It makes you feel happier.

Being loved is always a happy feeling. If you love yourself your satisfaction increases, you tend to feel good about things, you feel happy. If you are able to love yourself and turn your flaws into assets, you will be happy. Not many people value this aspect of self love. The more you love yourself, the more you are satisfied with yourself which in itself creates a lot of happiness.

6. It keeps you away from anxiety and depression.

Researchers say when you feel content with your own self and love yourself you are less prone to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. You wouldn’t be worried about getting stuff done because you get everything done. Why? Because you’re content with yourself.

Kritika is a 3rd year undergraduate student currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology from Delhi University. She aims to implement and execute whatever knowledge she gains in life, not just for personal growth but also for the betterment of the society at large. Diligent, perceptive, compassionate and warm are some words that best describe her. Mail :


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