10 ways in which your dog is more than just your dog

by Pallavi Kandhari , freelance contributor  


Dogs are pretty awesome! In case you did not already know; here are ten reasons why. 

  1. Dog at home = More physical activity = Less stress!!


  • Many studies show the importance of physical activity in decreasing stress. So just get your dog out and go out for a stroll and kick your stressful days goodbye!


  1. No loneliness = No stress = Fur Friend!!


  • Nobody to listen to your cribbing at 3am? Your dog will always be there no matter what time it is, having your furry friend by you will never let you be lonely and consequently you wont stress over the temporary lack of companionship in your life



  1. Laughter is the best therapy!!


  • The chances are he’ll be a a part of most of your day’s embarrassing moments, leading to a hilarious relationship between you and your pet.


  1. PAWSING for study breaks is no more regrettable!!


  • Exams going on? Need a stress-free moment? Go ahead and take your buddy for a walk and his happiness would create the perfect stress-free break in between those long exhausting study hours.


  1. The only love that is unconditional.


  • The amount of love you get from your dog is unconditional no matter what the world thinks about you. You can never feel “not-loved” if you have your dog with you! And when you realize you deserve to be loved, you will attract love from more channels.


  1. You always have something to look forward to when you come home!!


  • Bad day at work? Boss made your day difficult? Had a fight? Come home and see your cute friend wagging his tail and removing all your STRESS!!!!


  1. Also regulates your STRESS-HORMONES!!!


  • Petting/playing with your dog can decrease Cortisol (stress producing hormone) and increase levels of Oxytocin (stress reducing hormone). PLAY ALL DAY LONG!!!!


  1. They can be the best healers!!!


  • Having a bad headache? Not feeling well? Cuddle up with your furry friend and see all the anxiety go, leading to a decrease in pain. NO PAIN=NO STRESS.


  1. Your buddy will make you popular among your peers and the not-so-easy-to-please neighbors.


  • Anxious around peers and neighbors when alone with them? Take your buddy and see the amount of attention you will attract… Your social circle will increase, you will get freedom from the fear of your anxiety levels rising when your furry friend is around.


  1. Cuddling with your fur-ball before sleeping!!


  • What can be better than having a de-stressor right beside you after the hectic day. So just cuddle up and have a STRESS-FREE sleep.


So you still don’t want to adopt me???





2 thoughts on “10 ways in which your dog is more than just your dog

  1. Love this,I have a dog too and he’s my best friend.Its great to see other indian bloggers!Lots of love,keep blogging:)i’d love for you to check my blog out as well.

    1. Hi Nicculent. You have a pretty good blog yourself. Checked it out! good going!

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